FIRST BLOG ASSIGNMENT: In one solid paragraph, tell me why you chose to major in design—the real why—and what you love most about design/designing as well as what you are most hoping to learn in this course. I’m not looking for a dogmatic adherence to or a perfunctory fulfillment of an arbitrary word count here. Please just write something smart and meaningful—well crafted and properly punctuated. Writing well and reflecting on experiences and situations are key in life as well as in our industry, and it’s time to start now if you haven’t already. :)  The goal here is to help me understand what motivates you and to provide a bit more of an introduction to the people you’ll be traveling with on this design adventure.

NOTE: Do not post by commenting on this page. Instead, create a new post using your dashboard functions. Don’t forget to tag and categorize your post, please. This is due Friday Aug. 30 at 5 p.m.