Dear Future Designers

Welcome to VIS 317! This class is very intensive but I don’t think I’ve ever learned or accomplished as much in such a short amount of time. There is so much advice I could give, but here are my main takeaways…

  1. Projects will take longer than expectedDo not underestimate the workload in this class. There will be many deadlines to think about at once and design involves a lot of revision so start as early as possible. There were definitely times for me when tasks that seemed simple and straightforward turned into hours and hours of work. Don’t worry though, if you plan ahead you’ll be fine.
  2. Go to office hours. You’ll receive feedback videos from Professor Strong after you turn in your work but the best way to really improve is by meeting with her. Not only can you get extended individual feedback, but she can get to know you better. Make sure to sign up early though, they fill up quickly!
  3. Be confident. If you haven’t changed your major yet, chances are you are probably pretty good at design. Don’t doubt your abilities! Sometimes it’s easy to hear only the negative criticism, but try your hardest to also hear the positive. The purpose of every class, this class especially, is to learn. Don’t be alarmed when you get lower grades than you’re used to on your first turn-ins.



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