Why I Chose Design

I initially became interested in design because my mom was a graphic designer for Champlain College a number of years ago. I got to see some of the poster and magazine design work she did and how passionate she was about it, so it seemed like something I wanted to do. I also have always been on the creative side so I was leaning towards a major that allowed me to be creative. I love that design, more than many other majors, allows you to have a lot more freedom with career options and possibilities.

What I really want to learn in this class is how do design with purpose. I want to be able to recognize which elements of a design are truly necessary and which parts can be eliminated to help improve the design. I have a tendency to continue adding to a design even when it should have been left in an earlier stage. I also love working with type but don’t know that much about pairing types that work well together, so I’s love to learn more about it and get better at pairing typefaces.


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