Why Graphic Design?

I always enjoyed my art classes throughout middle school and high school and knew that I needed to be on an art path. I also excelled at math, but looking back, I realize that it was because I enjoyed problem solving. Combining those two things, I discovered that graphic design was something that I wanted to do. With any school project, I was always obsessed with the layout of my PowerPoint or my paper and less of the material. I took a graphic design class in high school and loved that I could take my artistic skills and use it to beautifully present a message.

I also like the fact that graphic design is done through technology, which is also something that I am passionate about. I knew I had to choose a career that utilized technology and evolved with technology.

I am hoping to grow as a designer and learn how to use type in more ways than I thought. I also want to be able to discover and establish my own graphic design style.


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