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I’ve been drawing and creating since I could hold a pencil (my earlier works include crayon scribbles on the walls in my house) and I have always cared about how things look (I literally choose books by their covers, and I will exit a website immediately if it looks bad).  I’ve never been too math or science-inclined, and though I knew I wanted to help others in some capacity when I grew up, it could never be in a hospital or doing heavy duty research or calculations.  As a woman who uses the Internet regularly for learning new things and participating in different activism-based activities, I know the importance of information being presented in not only a clear, but visually appealing manner.  I knew design was for me because I know that I can put my artistic side to good use in the world and make sharing information not only simple, but also beautiful, through web design.  By the end of this course, I hope to have a much stronger understanding of type as a communication tool; what styles equate to certain feelings or ideas, how to pair contrasting types, and how to make consumers of my work want to read or look at what I’ve designed.


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  1. I’m so pleased to see that making a difference is the driving force behind your choice to pursue design. That will serve you (and the rest of the world) regardless of what your career holds. :)

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