I used to be passive even when I was an undergraduate student. I always don’t have any enthusiasm for everything I do. Before I become a graduate student in Newhouse, I was a VPA student in the transmedia program. After learned a while, I thought I am not interested in my old major. I begin to think about which I interested in. This change appeared after I studied at the United Stated. I become active and I am starting to think my future. I shouldn’t waste my time as well as my parent’s money. Then, I chose Design. When I read a magazine and see some advertising or mover poster, I always think that if I were a designer, what would I do. My undergraduate major is photography. One of my class is to edit photos and texts to make a page of the magazine. The two things(photos and design) have some connection with each other. I studied the photo and also can be a designer to edit it or make another idea. I haven’t learned any professional design knowledge or technique before. I most hope to learn the origin of typeface and design my own one. I think it is very interesting and can help me as a professional designer further.


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