Throughout middle and high school, I bounced back and forth between a series of possible career paths before finally settling on graphic design. I flit back and forth for so long that by junior year I felt dizzy thinking about what I was going to do with my life. I was beyond stressed about not having picked a path to pursue,especially with the added pressure of having to decide what college to attend. I decided to take a breath and think about what activities I liked, and this is what lead me to take a photography class junior year. There I learned that I enjoyed taking photos as a hobby, but I knew I didn’t possess enough passion for it to make a career out of it. Luckily my photo teacher had taken design classes in high school and a majority of our projects were design-oriented in Photoshop and Illustrator. It was through these projects I fell in love with design and spent every spare study hall period I could in our photo lab working on my projects to make them as amazing as they could be. This passion left me wanting to learn more. I loved it so much I knew I could make a career out of it that I would love. This is why I’m studying design. I love creating new things and having the freedom to be expressive with my work. I want to make the world a more beautiful place and help people connect with it better. There’s so much information out there it can be incredibly overwhelming trying to absorb and process all of it. Through design, I’ll be able to help streamline the information making it easier and more pleasant to take in. I’m most looking forward to learning about how to use type as an art form. It can be incredibly beautiful and elegant, and I want to learn how to bring that side of it into my designs.


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