Why Design?

It wasn’t until last semester that I labeled myself as a creative. However, after reflecting upon my past experiences with design and how it has influenced my life, I have come to understand that I have always been interested in visual storytelling. I realized that design was for me because whenever I pick up a publication, I always look at the visuals and design rather than the actual words on the page. I chose to major in design because it fulfills and combines many of my interest and specialties including photography, film, and motion. As a black creative, it’s my duty to bring representation to people of color through design so that more of the cultural landscape of America represents the identities of those encompassing the nation as well. I love designing because it allows me the freedom and control to express my personal experiences and what I’ve been exposed to through my designs. I’ve found that design fulfills me in a way that writing never will. I love capturing moments and designing in a way that is distinctively my own. I am looking forward to expanding my design skills and becoming more vulnerable in my work. The assignments in this course will challenge me in a way that I’ve never experienced and I’m excited to see how my mind will be pushed to view design differently. This major will allow me the experience and exposure I need to become a creative director in the future.


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  1. Hi, Payton … I’m so glad to have you in the course and that you’ve found your way into the path that delights you. As a writer/designer myself, I can assure you that your writing skills will not only come in handy more often than you imagine, they will begin to set you apart from your peers. Talent is important, for sure and without doubt, but right on its heels comes the ability to work well with others and to write well. Looking forward to seeing all you’re capable of this semester and beyond.

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