Why Design?

For me, choosing to be a graphic design major was kind of last resort, but it actually worked out well! Growing up, my entire mother’s side worked and designed in the fashion industry and aggressively urged me to not follow in their footsteps. But for me, being so obsessed with everything and anything creative, set my heart set on fashion. As I got older and plotted my plan to enter the industry, I decided Syracuse would be a good fit. Being a triple legacy at Syracuse made it an easy decision and the dual major program between Whitman and Newhouse caught my eye. Now being a dual major studying marketing management and graphic design, I feel well prepared to enter the industry and fell in love with graphic design. Design not only allows me to satisfy my need for perfection but also helps expands my mind with creativity.


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  1. I hope this “last resort” reveals itself to be the path you always were supposed to take. :)

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