Why Design?

My passion for design has been rooted within me in unique ways since I was little.

Ever since I can remember I was obsessed with designing cards for every occasion. I spent hours wanting to design the perfect card that was carefully crafted to represent the person it was for. Even to this day I still adore designing and writing cards for my family members and friends. I think homemade cards represent thoughtfulness in the best way.

In second grade I wrote on my first day of school questionnaire that it was my dream to learn cursive. I would always notice my moms handwriting and thought it was so beautiful. I made my mom teach me before they taught it in school and when I finally learned to write in cursive I would not stop until I could write it perfectly. From then on I would always switch my handwriting into different typefaces, creating uniquely beautiful ones. I was indecisive in which was my favorite so I just switched it up every day. Every new school year my teachers asked in if I was doing my own homework because they could not recognize the handwriting. It came down to the details of how I would draw my letter a and which way my letters would be slanted.

I am so excited about this class because it allows me to hone in on something that has captivated me my entire life.  

I think designing is beautiful because you have the opportunity to make anything in the world beautiful, from birthday cards to the letter a.


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  1. Wow, Kristiana … How fantastic that you’ve been a type designer at heart since childhood. That’s incredible and so exciting. Now I REALLY can’t wait to see what comes of your typeface assignment. :)

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