Why Design?

I’ve always gravitated towards creative and artistic hobbies and activities. I love taking aesthetically pleasing pictures, I love creating and looking at art, and watching films with great cinematography, color, and meaning is amazing. I took art classes all throughout high school and loved, but I always knew that I wouldn’t end up doing it as a career. I knew this because first, creating physical art drained me- a lot. I would create a piece I’m really proud of, but then not pick my pencil up for another 3 months. Doing things digitally just has a different feel, and a lot more potential than traditional art in my opinion. I took a computer art class in high school, and I was introduced to photoshop. I was overwhelmed, but I was so curious about the potential things I could do. Even though graphic design can be stressful at times, especially when coming up with concepts and trying to navigate through technical difficulties, I can spend hours doing it- for fun! Even though I’m stressed, it has a different feeling than writing an essay, or doing work for another class (even if I’m passionate about that class). Like I said earlier about how sometimes art drains me, I don’t feel that with graphic design. Because graphic design usually has a narrower focus, it usually inspires me and drains me temporarily, but I always come back around. Graphic design is also a broad major and can include many different types of design. Even though I’m not sure which type of design I’m interested in right now, I’m excited to explore my options.


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  1. So glad you’ve chosen to do what you love. :)

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