Why Design

I’ve always had an infatuation with the idea of combining multiple mediums to create something beautiful. While trying to find myself as an artist throughout high school, what I ended up uncovering was that I could not spend my life sitting in a studio creating art that could then be sitting in storage for years. After discovering graphic design, it was clear to me that I love to make art that other people enjoy. I love to create something that helps other people understand a concept in a way that they simply could not without imagery. Art is made for an artist, while graphics are made for a viewer. The reason I wanted to be apart of Newhouse is because I wanted to learn in a place that could combine my love for beauty along with my natural communications skills. Graphic Design lets me explore so many more paths than I ever could have imagined, and I cant wait to explore what stories can be uncovered by graphics along with you in this course.


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