1. Juliana this was great. I love the colors that tie in perfectly with the theme of Breakfast with Tiffany that you have. Everything is very fun, clean and girly. I really like how you presented the size it looks very interesting. Also love the way you put the price with the “cough it up” next to it, it has very funny. Overall great job, the only thing is some quotes are way too big compare to the others.

  2. I thought it was clever to tie in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with tiffanys the typeface. The two look like they belong together. I liked how the pattern on page 6 mimicked the wave-like hooks on the f’s and j’s. But because this is the only place in the book where you do this, it feels a little out of place. Additionally, the black lines you used on page 10 for the anatomy are a little dark, which makes the text a little hard to read. Other than that, I found your specimen to be clear, concise, and clever. Excellent job!

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