To the Little Designers

Yes, typography is important and yes, there is a whole class on it, and yes, you should read the advice from my class because it is actually very helpful. I had to read these as well from the typography class before mine before we even started our first project. I’m sure I would have had a lot more regrets if I hadn’t, so listen closely:

  1. Time management. You will hear this a million times more before the end of the semester but without it, your designs will not live up to their full potential. Prof. Strong has a very-well thought out syllabus and calendar. Be aware of dates and always start thinking and sketching as soon as you get an assignment.
  2. Read the instructions. At least 10 times before starting and 10 times more before submitting. As I said, Prof. Strong is very organized with her assignments and the details matter. Also, don’t forget your rationale and sketches and don’t leave those for last minute either.
  3. Be fearless and relentless. Don’t set limitations for yourself and don’t say it’s impossible. Take on challenges with an open mind, change your mind a couple of times, dare to do more, aim for the crazy ideas that you thought you couldn’t do a semester ago. Anything is possible with a little determination and a lot of passion.

You will pull all nighters and maybe even fight with people at the copy center. But when you look at all of your accomplishments and acquired knowledge from this class, it will be worth it. Finally, Prof. Strong is a great mentor and role model. Take advantage of her presence.


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