1. I absolutely love your poster design! It is so interesting and definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, which grabbed my attention even further. The colors you chose are very bold but they oddly work together very well. You were able to capture many elements from the period into your poster including the colors, shapes, type, the varying size of type, and even the action of the timeline. The only piece of advice I would give is to find a way to maybe alter the shapes to make the words more readable because although I love the design, some of the stretched words are difficult to read. Also, it wasn’t until I read the poster up close that I realized that the head contains the overview and the breath is the actual timeline. That is a very unique quality of the poster that you should try to emphasize more. Overall, amazing job!

  2. I think that this poster is so cool. I love how it is all free-flowing and there are no straight lines which are what you really visualize when you think about the psychedelic movement. Just because of the design some of the words are a little difficult to read, but you can clearly read the dates which are definitely reminiscent of a timeline. The colors work together really nice, but I also think that you can play around with a few more colors and have some fun with it. Other than that, I think that this poster is amazing and you did a really great job!

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