1. Kelli- I loved this the second it was pulled up in class. It’s creative and modern but still really simple. It’s easy to read and honestly just makes me happy when I look at it. What I liked the most was the type you decided to use. The contrast between the bold and thin styles works really well. I also loved your color palette – it’s so unique! One thing that might improve the poster however is the color of your dates. I think that sometimes they get a little bit lost against the lighter gray arrows. It might be nice if you tried using a bit more of a brownish red color such as a burnt auburn or something. But overall, I loved it – really great job!

  2. I love the infographic feel of this poster! Your choice of type adds a lot of character, although the brown color of some of the type becomes a bit hard to read on the dark gray boxes. I also like how much attention you paid to the words. The addition of “Let’s start where it all began,” and “To be continued,” gives the poster a sweet voice.

  3. Kelli, I loved this!! It looks straight off of Pinterest, and like something I would definitely pin to my graphic design board. I really like the color scheme, because it’s simple and clean, although I would consider changing the color of the dates, which are a little bit difficult to read. Overall though, I think this is so cute and it has a lot of your voice in it, which I think is really nice.

  4. I love this! This is a poster I see myself putting up in my wall. The design is very simple and unique but is something I enjoy looking at. I love the how your choice of font and color scheme, is not something you see very often, but it goes together great. Everything is very easy to read and has fluidity, I loved how you started at the very beginning of history. Also this is a very simple detail but I really liked how you added the slanted lines next to “a brief history”. Over all great job!

  5. I think the combination of the typefaces and colors express the idea of history very well. The lay out is simple and effective. And the way of split these important movement is also interesting. What’s more, I really like the “to be continued” in the end. I think this is my favorite one.

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