1. I love this! I think the overall design is very beautiful and easy to follow. The colors also go very well together. I love the gray with the yellow because the yellow pops and makes it easy to see the dates. I also really like the way you designed the title within the two lines. The one thing I would consider is trying to figure out a way to spread out the type in the middle so the paragraphs don’t get too close. Awesome job though, it looks great!

  2. Chloe, I love your timeline I think you did a wonderful job choosing a pleasing color scheme. You also made the information very clear and easy to follow. Two things that were probably the hardest to execute well on the timeline. Although, the timeline does get a little line heavy at times. The line on top of the word “typography” and all of the hashmarks on the side of the poster between the dates can make the page somewhat dense. By minimizing the amount of lines you would be left with a lot of powerful white space. Otherwise, I think that you did a wonderful job and great work!

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