1. Libby, I love the linear patterns and colors in your design. I especially enjoy how you were able to embody Art Nouveau in a way which took the complexity and heavy elements in your movement and make them stand out in a simple and classic way. One thing I would change would to make the events included in your timeline a little more informative. I think doing that would make your design stronger by making it both visually appealing, which you already did, and by putting more emphasis on the purpose of the timeline. Overall, your design is a pleasure to look at! Great job!

  2. A, I think your timeline looks very clean, organized and sophisticated. I think it was a good choice to use a parched paper for the background. Also, the contrast between deep purple and the gold makes the Illuminated manuscript-style timeline look more magnificent! The choice of typeface is appropriate since it represents your art movement very well. Overall, great job!! One thing, I thought it might have looked more organized and elegant if you made patterns out of the stem/branches because they are very randomly arranged.

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