1. Hi Laura! I absolutely love your stamp series. They all look so great individually and as a collection. I really like the colors you used and the typeface for the first names of each of the women. One thing I would suggest is to change the color of the light blue or the white typeface as it is a little hard to read when the stamp is shrunk down. You did an amazing job!

  2. Laura, I absolutely love this idea of women and their roles in empowering society through STEM. The use of the female symbol incorporated in each illustration is very unique and ties the entire series together. The set color scheme does this really well also! I think there could be a way to make the female symbol stand out a bit more by making it darker or a different color from the rest of the scheme. This might bring attention to the prominent concept of femininity without overpowering the rest of each illustration. Overall these are so well done and very well thought out!

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