1. Lauren,
    There are so many things I love about these stamps! Your treatment of the body and title text is beautiful, and it adds a sense of organization and interest to the pane. I also enjoy how your illustrations are abstract, because I feel that it reflects on the topic of drag very nicely. The only thing I worry about is the use of the quote as a background for the stamps. Since this is for the USPS, I worry that they will have a problem with using a quote that has “hell” in it. Also, the quote as a background distracts the viewer from the beautiful stamps themselves. Other than those suggestions, amazing job!

  2. I really love this stamp series and your niche topic! I think you embodied the art of drag very well and made the characters really come alive through your illustrations. When I first saw their faces, I just thought about the MAC Cosmetics face panels they use to create makeup looks. I could also tell during your presentation that this topic was very important to you and so I commend your ability to design subjects and topics that really inspire you and it really reflects in your work. My only critique is that the left body of text doesn’t reflect the rest of your panel visually and it feels a bit separated. If you could find a way to blend them more then I think your stamp series would look more complete. Overall, amazing job!

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