1. I really enjoy the illustrations you created for this poster. I also like the information you provided on your timeline because it was different from a lot of the posters. The descriptions for each year have a lot of white space, which takes away from the illustrations you created. Lowering the opacity might help this because then you can see the illustration behind the box, and still be able to read the text.

  2. I think your illustrations are very beautiful and the colors go beautifully together. However, I think that there is a lot going on which can be a little distracting. The background image could have been different but I really do love the color choices.

  3. I think your illustration is absolutely beautiful and definitely embodies the beauty of art nouveau. Overall, though, there is a lot going on and I think together each element takes away from the beauty of each individual component, making the whole feel a little cluttered and overwhelming. I think you could help by messing around with the way you present the content, potentially lowering the opacity and enlarging the body copy.

  4. I really like that you chose a specific theme to create with your timeline. I think that unlike the rest of us in the class that might’ve taken this assignment literally you were able to spin it in a way that showed you could use your time period but also talk about something that you enjoyed. I think that the concept is very strong and clear. My one criticism would be that the use of magazine cover images, most likely taken off of Google makes this look less mature. Instead I think that it could be really cool to create certain aspects of different magazines that you like potentially by hand? Also I would definitely recommend increasing the size of the body copy.

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