As I read through all the posts from last year’s students, I began to feel a sense of relief. Taking the first official class for my major was making me very nervous. After reading all the posts from last year, I started to realize that most students probably feel exactly the same way as I do. All of the students from last year seemed to have a strong understanding of design and seemed to have learned a lot, which really excited me because I can’t wait to learn more about typography and design and get a better understanding of who I am as a designer.

Something that really stuck out to me that almost every student talked about in their post was having confidence in themselves as a designer. I have always lacked confidence with my work, whether it was my photography or design work. This made me feel less alone because I’m sure almost everyone feels this way starting out as a designer. This advice will definitely help me throughout the semester, when I am getting ready to present a project or show a friend my work. It is something I would like to change about myself and it is something I am going to work on throughout the semester.


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  1. Fear and self-doubt are part of the artist’s soul, but confidence will find you. : )

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