Reflection on “Lesson Learned”

Before I was in the VIS program in Newhouse I was in VPA design. I have taken a few design class before. And from reading all the post from previous students in this class. I think Deadline is the number one rule for good design, even though I am still working on it. Always starting things early and leave time to execute your project, such as printing, to avoid any accident that might happen.
Second, to get to know the professor and other students. I think the design is like photosynthesis. We take one source and convert to energy to produce more. And the source can come from classmates and professors. So I think it is important to learn from each other.
Third, get use to the failure. In upperclassmen’s comments, it mentioned that we need to do a lot of revision and redos. And it is a very tedious and painful process, but Rome didn’t build in one day, a good idea and design always need to go through the process for perfection.


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