The advice the resonated with me the most is to be unafraid of trying something new. I often get stuck used the same typeface for every project (Benton Sans in all its forms is just so pretty and clean!) and falling into very structured designs. I want to work on breaking out of that comfort zone in order to create really unique, forward-thinking designs.

The other advice that stuck out to me, because nearly every student mentioned it, is to stay on top of projects and avoid procrastination. Deadlines sneak up on you quicker than you think so it is important to stay motivated throughout the whole semester in order to finish all the projects. Since we are also working on multiple projects at the same time, just like in the professional world, there is no reason to delay getting started early. I am hoping to use the projects I create for this class in my portfolio in order to diversify it. This class is giving me the opportunity to create amazing work with interesting prompts and help from my fellow students. There is no other point in my life where this endless stream of constructive criticism will exist so I want to take full advantage of their critiques and create the best work I can. It will only help me in the long run.


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  1. I love your determination to stretch, and I’m glad to see you fully understand the value of this particular point in time. That kind of perspective is rare. :)

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