After reading the “Lessons Learned,” I got three important and valued points.

The first point is time management is key. “Once the assignment sheet is passed out, schedule ahead! ” It is very good advice for me, and I definitely should do it. Same like some upperclassmen, I would always begin to finish the assignments in 2 or 3 days before the projects are due. Because I didn’t have enough time to thinking and drawing sketches before doing the projects, the projects that I made always could not achieve my expectations. Therefore, I have to learn how to manage my time.

The second one is making appointments and get advice from Prof. Strong. I think this is a good mention for me. Because I always try to handle everything for myself although sometimes I can not handle it and need some help. This point mentioned me that I need asking for some advice from my professor but not chase dead end and thick there by myself. I could get some advice about “what is not working.”

The last one is, in the Steele Center, getting to know and asking advice about my projects from the upperclassmen and the others in the VIS program. Before I read this point, I thought the Steele Center is like a self-learning studio, meeting room, or study room in Bird library. I never thought I could get to know others and get advice from them. However, after getting this idea, I think it’s very useful because of the upperclassman had similar experience like me. For example, they may take the same class, that I take in this semester, last year. They may have some experiences could share for me. Also, showing works to others could get advice from a different view angle, and it is good for me to polish my works.


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