What resonated with me about the advice is not what they said, but all the things they implied when they wrote this advice.

  1. Because those individuals took time out of their busy schedules to write something like this, for us, it shows that as designers, it’s all about mentoring the next generation. Yes, I understand that these students are the same generation as us, but honestly, design is a community that should be nurtured. As designers, we understand the importance of visual communication and its beauty, however sometimes the rest of the world does not. Therefore, we need to band together so that the world does not beat us down and beat us out.
  2. I also read that design itself should be nurtured. We need to take time, thoughtful time, to make our designs great. If we just rush through and do not do our best work, all of it was for nothing.
  3. Push the limits. Because if we as baby designers do not explore all of our options, then we are only cheating ourselves.


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  1. Very important insights, A. You are absolutely spot on with the “nurture” emphasis. Frankly, it’s one of the resasons I ask each class to advise the next — building community. :)

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