Reflection and Resolution

There are a lot of tips from last year’s students that I have generally struggled with in college years such as procrastinating, time management, and seeking help from peers and professor. Among those tips, one thing I would like to focus on in this class is to face my fears and learn how to enjoy that. I will face failure at some point in this semester whether I have to start over my project again, I cannot come up with any ideas, I fail to manage my time efficiently, etc. However, to get over my inner fear, I definitely would need to ask others for help. As the last year’s students said, we should not be afraid to reach out people, Professor Strong, and classmates. They are all there for me and we are the ones who make the class. As a community of designers, I would like to learn and improve more from the many critiques and feedbacks. I’m sure all the helpful advice are eventually not only for my major courses but also for my future career.


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