I noticed that both John Doscas and Jordan Schnitzer gave suggestions about what we should do if one idea does not work, especially you have work on it for a long time. When I was learning fine art before starting my Graphic Design course, I met the same problem – what should I do with the idea that I had made so much effort on it if it did not work? After a long time, I gradually accepted the answer – just grabbing a new paper and starting it over. What I learned was that believing yourself at the first place that you could come up with a new appropriate idea with the same quality as the old one when it was hard for you to let the old one go. Besides, having a new angle to look at one work is really helpful to make it better. One way to do this is to communicate with others. As Schnitzer said, “It’s good to get a second set of eyes to look at something, they could catch something that you might never have noticed.” The other way to get new angle is to have a good sleep and look at it on another day. It is hard for me to notice new things if I am pretty tired struggling with details. If I can get a good sleep and look at it on another day, I can look at it as a whole again and consider more about how to enhance it as a whole. As Schnitzer said, “Don’t work on it for a day, you’ll come back to it with fresh eyes and realize what needs to be changed or fixed.”


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  1. Agreed on all counts. Trust yourself but trust the process, too.

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