While reading the advice of last year’s students, I took away a lot of helpful and reassuring advice. Each post hammered home the fact that this class is a lot of work and it is important to begin early. I love to get ahead on my work because I don’t like juggling multiple assignments at once. Therefore, I am worried that I will get overwhelmed by having multiple projects to work on at the same time. I know that I have to work hard to stay organized and on track. I also saw that many students said that we shouldn’t doubt ourselves. This was very reassuring to me. I tend to be a perfectionist and very hard on myself. This semester, I will continuously need to remind myself that this is a learning experience and I need to have fun as well! Additionally, it was somewhat hard to read that we shouldn’t be afraid to let an idea go. I often find myself struggling between two concepts and even after making a choice, I worry that I chose the wrong idea. This semester, I need to follow my instinct and be open to criticism if my intuition is wrong. One of my favorite quotes is “comparison is the thief of joy,” which I think resonates with this class very well. I saw one student enforce that we should not compare ourselves to the other students in the class. I think that is very significant. Instead, we should help one another. It will be nice to bounce ideas off of one another and seek advice. I also saw many students bring up Pinterest, which I will definitely try out. Ultimately, as daunting as this class may seem, I am excited to work hard and learn more about design. These “Lessons Learned” have helped assure me that I will come out of this course a better designer.


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  1. I’ve no doubt that with your enthusiasm and work ethic, you’re going to grow by leaps and bounds this semester — and I’m looking forward to helping you do that.

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