After reading the “Lessons Learned” section from last year’s class I was slightly scared but also reassured by their words. I know myself and the way I work, so when every post spoke about starting early, I knew that I had to make it a priority not to procrastinate as much as I had done in the past. I was also struck by everyone saying not to get rid of any ideas and not to stress out if things don’t work out the first time around. When I think of a concept, I really like I have to remember not to get super attached and not to freak out if the design or concept isn’t meant to be. Just because it may seem like a good idea doesn’t always mean it will work out the way I want, and I have to remember to take that in and learn from mistakes in order to grow as a designer and through this course. I have always been the person to talk through papers and projects with people before I start them just to make sure an idea or concept makes sense, and while the class is relatively small and we are all there for each other, I need to learn how to make choices on my own. That isn’t to say that I won’t use the resources available or go to office hours as much as I can, but more so to spend more time brainstorming and sketching before immediately relying on someone else. Overall, as scary as the course seemed on the first day, reading the reflections was definitely a reassurance to know that I can and will get through this course and become a better designer in the process.



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  1. I’m sorry the first day seemed scary, but I’m glad you were reassured by the comments from last year’s students. Definitely start early to give yourself time to take your time. :)

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