After reading through the plentiful advice from the designers a year above us, I found myself gravitating back to what Laura Angle mentioned in her post. I found her advice on learning not to nix any sketches to be most relevant to my current design life. Often as I start sketching out for a project, like the recent movie poster assignment, I tend to have one idea that I favor and spend little to no time developing other ideas that could be just as good. Although I’ve started to recognize this habit a little more frequently, I still need to work on sketching and developing all ideas equally as to not count any one out too quickly. Last year in GRA 217, although I would sketch out papers and papers worth of possible designs, I would always favor one or two that I would end up spending all of my time on. This year I hope to take Laura’s advice into consideration and put more time and effort into more of my sketches because, hey, you never know what’s going to end up looking good until you make it.


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  1. Good lesson to learn, for sure. Sketching is thinking. And thinking is essential in coming up with a GREAT concept — not just a good one.

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