I remember when I first read the “Lessons Learned,” what A wrote really stuck out to me. After going back in now, I still think that her post resonates me with most. Having met A last year at Pixels and Print I always have admired her confidence, and then seeing her post, and the tips that she left for us, I really like what she had to say. The three points that she made were that 1. Type really does matter, 2. Always remember your intention, and 3. The clock sucks. Having been in this class for the past 6 weeks now, I can’t give enough credit to her third piece of advice. Due to the fact that this is my first actual design class, I don’t think that I’ve actually understood how complex and intense this major is until this class. It’s completely all consuming, which it absolutely should be, but on top of balancing this class, and all other courses, time just seems to dissapear. I am now starting to realize how crucial it is the use every free minute to constantly be revising these projects, and I intend to start using this advice to my advantage as the semester progresses.


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