I absolutely love what these students had to say and feel that each post is relatable to me personally as well as other students taking this course. The first statement that immediately resonated with me was what Kateri stated about time management, getting a head start on assignments by drawing sketches, and coming up with ideas. I feel that the moment a project is assigned is when I begin brainstorming ideas and become eager to start the assignment. By sketching ideas when I am feeling passionate about the assignment is how I believe I produce my best work. It also gives me something to reflect on when I get caught up with work from other courses. Last year when we were assigned to create our own wordmark, I remember immediately creating sketches and feel that this is what caused me to do so well on the assignment. I also agree with how important it is to take risks when designing. Even if it causes me to be critiqued more harshly, I know it will pay off in the end and overall help me to grow as a designer. Student 3 writes, “Professor Strong is an incredible lady who is going to be your biggest fan and worst critic.” I can’t wait to see what I am able to create this semester and have you especially as my professor along the way!


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