I know it’s a little late but I’m typing in response to Sara Wong’s advice. The words of encouragement she stated were all too valid. For me and I’m sure for my classmates also, being in comm design can be very tough… especially with the workload that’s expected of all of us. On top of that, professors and students can heavily skew your views in design and what it should be instead of what it could be. That can also go the other way where students are too close minded with their perceptions of design. This can easily lead to a lack of variety in the work you produce. Professors tell us all the time that we need to love our projects, which is very important. But mostly, being open minded can lead to new thoughts and ideas. Adding to that, it leaves options at bay that can be utilized and although it’s good to lean towards a particular style it’s highly functional to be universal. It’s good to challenge yourself and expand your interests because integration/unity is the strongest concept.


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