Reflecting and Looking Forward

Reading over advice from previous students was definitely overwhelming, but it’s also so encouraging to hear such positive things about the outcomes of this class. Throughout everyone’s advice, a common thread that stuck with me was the idea that there are always opportunities to improve and there is always more to do to grow as a designer. I appreciate that each project is revisable. That aspect of the course makes me feel as if it is designed not only to challenge me, but to help me rise to the challenge and do things I hadn’t thought possible before. I find it incredibly exciting that each project is geared toward growth and personal improvement, rather than just creating something for the sake of creating. I can already tell I am going to have a lot of trouble learning and applying simplicity and “less is more” as a part of my design work. I am very nervous for the challenges ahead of me in this class, but I am also very excited to grow and become a new kind of designer.


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