1. I really love how your animals work as a series. I think that the octopus is the strongest. The use of the t and p was a great way to solve the design. I also really love the attention to detail. The only thing I found distracting was the e for the chameleon’s head. It looks kind of like it has a big nose. Other than that I love the use of color and the creative way you solved each of these designs.

  2. Despite criticism you’ve received regarding your chameleon, I think that it’s my favorite from your series! Maybe it’s due to my love for cartoony animals but I think that it’s exaggeratedly large eyes and expression are great. I love the colors and the use of ‘c’s for the tail. I think that your weakest animal may be your flamingo. While it’s a nice solution for an animal that a lot of people chose, it doesn’t have quite the same “cute” quality as the rest of the series. I also agree with Professor Strong’s comment from class about your crab’s legs; he looks like he’s curling inward rather than crawling. But don’t you dare change his smile :)

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