1. This is incredible, Phil! The concept is unique, and well executed. I especially like how you carried the theme of folding into the title. Something I’m unsure about is the varied size of the designers and movements. It does add visual variety, but does make the text tight in some places (ex. around Rome and Gutenberg). Seriously though, great job!

  2. You’ve done it again, Phil. This design in great. You thought of a way to present the material in a original and innovative way. I love all of the details, especially in the title. The colors work very well and I think it’s important that there is enough negative space to where it doesn’t feel overall crowded but also that it the design doesn’t feel empty. I agree with Dana in that some areas in which the type is pressed for space but I don’t think it takes anything away from the overall design.

  3. Phil, your attention to detail is impeccable and impressive. While the clarity and cohesion in your design is obvious, I enjoy the subtle playfulness almost as much. I wish I better understood the rationale behind the tabbed approach for the years, but I do like their appeal and distinction. In the future, please upload a larger file; this size pixelates upon magnification.

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