My advice

Hey VIS 317 students! Prepare for one of the most challenging, and most rewarding, classes you’ll take in your time at SU. It’s a lot of worth, but you get to walk away with so much growth, and Professor Strong is such a great teacher. Here are some of my tips for getting through the class:


1. You can always do better.

Never settle, because what you design the first time around will never be the best. Sometimes it’s not until after you’ve gotten Professor Strong’s feedback and started working on your revisions that you realize how much better your project could be. Always be prepared to do more work, and as you’re working on your first draft, ask yourself what you could be doing to make the project better. When you get feedback, take it seriously. Oftentimes Professor Strong and your classmates will see things that you don’t.


2. Be critical in your concepting

Half the battle in coming up with good design is coming up with a strong concept. The worst projects you’ll make are the ones when you don’t spend time thinking about what you want to communicate with your project, and instead, just start designing. The strongest projects are the projects that are well thought out and communicative. Before you start designing, and before you even start sketching, spend some time planning out the exact message you want to share with your designs, and then start trying to visualize it.


3. Get a hobby

No seriously. Find something outside of design that you’re passionate about, and use it to make your design better. I’m an English dual major, and the critical thinking that I learn from that helps me when I think about my designs. But besides that, I’ve been able to use my love for books to help me come up with my favorite design projects. Hobbies are also super helpful when you need to turn your brain off from a design for a moment. You’ll return to your work refreshed and inspired.


Have an amazing semester! It’s going to be amazing.




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