Hi! I’m Kaelyn Dessena. I’m a 19 year old sophomore here at Syracuse University. I’m from a small farm town about 2 hours south west of Syracuse. Its called Hornell, NY and I live on about 90 acres of land! So naturally, I love nature and I love the outdoors. Camping, four wheeling, swimming, and hiking are some of my favorite things to do! The summer is my absolute favorite season and I 100% do not belong in upstate New York. I’m very passionate about health, so much so I’m considering minoring in nutrition. I am also a firm believer in self love. When you love yourself, rather than doubt yourself, you will find you can achieve anything. I am also a Disney fanatic and am certified obsessed with all things Disney. I’ve been to Disney World about 16 times so far and am going again later this year. Also, I see the number 333 everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE.

I absolutely love everything about design and the design world. Typography is ironically one of my favorite parts about graphic design, so I’m really excited about this class! But because I love typography so much, it is very hard to pick a favorite. However recently I have been short of obsessed with the font “Clemente.” My design style has always been on the side of simple, therefore I am always drawn to sans serif fonts. Clemente really stands out to me because it is thin, sophisticated looking, and clean. I also love the contrast between the narrow letters such as “t and l” as opposed to the rounds of letters like “c, e, and o.”

I also just got hired as a student designer for the Off Campus and Commuter Services here at SU and am really excited about that! I am also a freelance photographer and designer. As far as advice goes, I would have to say never stop learning. Don’t ever tell yourself you are at the absolute best you can be because chances are, you aren’t. You can always push yourself further and further and will continually surprise yourself with what you can achieve. Always take risks, always make mistakes, and never stop wanting to learn. There is an infinite amount of things you can learn from in this world, take it all in and use it to your advantage. I can’t wait to meet you all and to start this class! :)


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