1. I love your combination of the calligraphy typeface with the sans serif and how perfectly they fit and flow together and the use of the size changes. I also enjoyed the funny tone with the content. The only thing that could be changed was the coloring of a couple random letters. I kind of wish the parenthesis following “a suburb of” was tan to match and in the line where g is the only tan letter it could be teal so your head doesn’t come to a point. Likewise, the construction of the shoes makes the word Obama stand out slightly strangely, more so since it is such a different size than “my”. But, overall, really awesome and creative.

  2. Hi Jenna! I loved how much I learned about you in this poster. It was a ton of fun to read and the way you organized your words made it really easy for the eyes to follow. The colors you chose complimented each other very well and I loved how you created a mini version of yourself waving. However it looks a little off that one of your legs are thicker than the other. The shoes “Obama” and “my” makes me think that one of your feet are smaller than the other. Maybe you felt that it was too bold/chunky having both the same weight, or maybe you wanted to give the illusion that one foot was in front of the other but it’s very hard to tell when there is no foreground. Other than that, I really enjoyed meeting you – wonderful job!

  3. I really liked how you arranged the text into an image. It provided a lot of information about yourself in a straightforward way. I also thought it was nice how you have some hierarchy in the text, like making your name the largest. The only thing that is off is how the legs are uneven, but still looks awesome!

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