1. Hi Bridget! I think your illustration series is very strong in terms of the elaborate details and use of typography. I love how you actually utilized the letters to create the illustrations instead of simply outlining or filling out a shape. Specifically, I think the oriole ’s wings and beak, the orangutan’s face, and the tiger’s whiskers look very nice and well arranged. One thing that could make your illustration stronger is using less letters. I think your design can be simplified to look less cluttered and elegant. Overall, great job! I can totally tell that you put a lot of effort into all the pieces :)

  2. Hi! Your illustrations are beautiful! I think it was very clever to go with a theme of orange because you were able to do a wide array of animals. I love how elaborate the first two illustrations are and how they really captured the main features of the animals along with the subtle details that make the animals unique. I especially love the small details on the orangutang whether it is the tufts of fur made out of “t”s or the looped “r”s that made the arms and legs. I think you could improve your third illustration a bit more. I like your reasoning for choosing the typeface you did, but I think if you experiment a bit more with the typeface it could help make the design become more natural looking. Overall, your illustrations were wonderful and I really enjoyed your presentation!

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