1. I really love your illustrations, Shirley! My favorite two are the flamingo and the horse. I think you did a really excellent job of choosing typefaces that convey the essence of those animals. The flamingo is so delicate and pretty and the way you positioned the letters in “horse” (especially the h’s) shows so much movement. The one that doesn’t really fit with the rest of the group for me is the panda. I do think it’s really cute illustration, but the way you constructed it with the letters is visually different from the others. Overall, really really good job!

  2. I think you have several really well-done designs, but I’m not sure that they work together as a group. Individually, they are all good, but they don’t hole together for me very well. Your panda is adorable, your flamingo is elegant, and your horse has a great sense of movement. Maybe if they had all been birds it would work as a group better. All-over though, really nice work.

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