1. I feel the calm from the type face you chose for the word. The typeface really lets you breath! I am not sure about “tired”, but I would be interested in hearing your through process behind choosing it. Good work :)

  2. The typeface you chose for Financial really encompasses the meaning of the word. It is like I am looking at a letter from the federal bank, since it feels so corporate, serious and rigid. Really nice job, just a little bit of a leading issue around “joyous,” “calm,” and “shy” but for the assignment, I thought you chose great typefaces for the personality of each word. :)

  3. Best: You did a great job with so many, it’s hard to pick. I guess my very favorite has to be “Patriotic,” though most are very well done.
    Least successful: Quickly (because it feels too controlled) and Masculine (because it feels too fussy and because it’s tough to overlook the “western” connotation).

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