1. I think your choice for the “shy” typeface is great! The dotted lines really speaks to the meaning of the word, almost like it’s trying to hide. I also think your choice for “Quickly” is successful because it looks like it was handwritten in a hurry and the edges are not all perfectly smooth. One word that I don’t think was as successful would be “Foreign.” The typeface you used for that word is very geometric and I think a typeface that is a little less controlled would work better.

  2. I appreciate your choice of typefaces! I really like the word, “feminine” and “joyous.” I think that they really express the word. “Feminine” makes me think about things that relate to women. It almost reminds me of shampoo and body wash and all things girly. I like that “joyous” is rounded and approachable. All of your words really matched the type chosen!

  3. “Foreign” doesn’t clearly convey, but “athletic” and “heroic” are very strong.

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