1. My favorite typeface you used is the type with “frightened”. It’s dainty yet chaotic which I really like. My only critic is not on your use of types, but a technicalities one. Use some more leading between Quickly and Foreign because they overlap but other than that, love it!

  2. I really like your choice for “quickly”, the handwritten style of it really embodies the word. I also really loved your choice for “sophisticated”, it looks so familiar to me…I think there is a women’s magazine out there that uses that typeface or one similar to it…so since I followed that train of thought, I definitely think the type fits the word. The only choice I think isn’t as strong as the others is “joyous.” Helvetica, right? I associate Helvetica with neutrality, so I think another typeface, one with more personality, would have been a better fit.

  3. Hi Shawna, I agree that my version of ‘joyous’ is not one of my stronger choices but it is not Helvetica. I actually used a font called Harabara (http://www.dafont.com/harabara.font) I see this typeface as one with a quite big personality but it may have been a stronger choice as a lowercase type. I chose to make it in all caps to express excitement – unfortunately, I think this is what may have weakened my choice.

  4. “Angry” and “feminine” seem to work quite well. On the weaker side is “masculine,” which to me reads way too much as military for me to escape.

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