1. Heroic, angry, and calm all look exactly right, I definitely get the feeling of the word from the typeface. Heroic gives off a bold, no-nonsense vibe, angry has good tracking and it looks good in all caps, and calm is simple and unobtrusive. The only ones I’m not so sure about are quickly being in Comic Sans or a Comic Sans-esque typeface, and I’d be interested to hear why you chose the type for friendly.

  2. I understand why you used a lot of these typefaces for the words! A lot of them make sense including athletic, cartoon, villain, and friendly. I think joyous expresses a different kind of joy. It almost reminds me of Christmas time and that’s great! I think tired might be a bit too bold but other than that I really enjoyed looking at your selections!

  3. I agree with your classmates on all counts. My favorite is Heroic; my least favorite is a tie between sophisticated and frightened. PS: Villain is misspelled.

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