Hey everyone! I’m Emily. I am a junior graphic design major with a minor in education. I am from the small town of Goffstown, New Hampshire which I am sure no one has ever heard of. Someday I hope to work for a magazine and do magazine layout design, but I am really not completely sure of what I want to do yet. I have had very little experience with the different aspects of graphic design and I can’t wait to learn and explore more. This semester I am actually working as a photographer for What the Health magazine, one of SU’s many on-campus magazines. I really enjoy photography and I hope to use my photography a lot with my designs.

My favorite typeface is probably Avenir. It is kind of my go-to typeface. It is a sans serif, which I love. I have always preferred sans serif over serif typefaces because they are simpler, cleaner, and really seem to make well-designed pieces pop. I mostly like Avenir because it can be used in many different ways and can convey many different emotions depending on what you are trying to design. The letters are very rounded, smooth, and evenly spaced.

Some piece of advice that I can share about design is to absorb your environment. Look around you when you are just walking down the street and take everything in. Graphic design is everywhere and the more you see it and study it, the better a designer you will be. I walk around all the time now and pick out pieces of typography gone horribly wrong. Sometimes I get so annoyed by the kerning or line spacing on billboards..I almost wish I could call up the company on the advertisement and tell them that their billboard looks horrible and needs to be redone. Ok now I really sound like a nerd. Point is…we are stepping into a world where we see things and notice things that other people do not. Our work is a reflection of ourselves–our creativity, our passion, our personality–and the world is looking. We have the power at our fingertips to change and inspire the world.


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  1. Hi Emily … Guess what? I’ve heard of Goffstown … driven through it, even! My in-laws live in Southern NH (Brookline, near Hollis and Amherst) so we end up driving around there a lot. : )

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