1. I love how the actual timeline is an evolution of type itself or the alphabet!! Also, I like how you took a different approach than everyone else. You focused on (highlighted) the typefaces then when into detail about the people and movements. To clean it up, I would streamline the type and have it read all the same way either all up and down or all horizontal.

  2. I agree with Jackie about the timeline being evolution of type. The timeline, title, and background mesh really well together. I think my issue is that you have two really good ideas: the burnt orange/paper texture theme and the examples and angled text. I just don’t know that they necessarily work together. I would probably pick one and try to redevelop around that idea.

  3. I do not disagree with the comments so far. Love the evolution of written language, love that you took the time and effort to describe the type of the time. I do find the treatment to be a bit too ambitious and complicated. Perhaps if you had standardized the color, for example, or the orientation of text, or both, it would create visual unity, stronger hierarchy and organization and make for a quicker, cleaner read.

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