1. I really enjoy your use of your wordmark on this and how simple you kept the design. I think this offers a lot of information about yourself in very few words, which I think is good. The only problem I see is about the text wrapping around the question mark. The words that get flipped upside down (the ones at the very top) are a bit hard to read. Other than that, I think the question mark is a really cool idea!

  2. I think the colors in your design work really well together, and that the question mark was a really creative touch. (I also think the pronunciation guide for your name was a nice addition; I did something like that last year on my résumé too!) My only suggestion would be to make the size of that line a little smaller. I felt like it made my brain separate the two parts of the question mark into separate elements, so I didn’t read it as a question mark instantly.

  3. I really enjoy how all of your elements were varied but seemed really connected through your use of color. It’s really clear that you put a lot of work into designing the question mark as well, and it came out really well. You also gave a lot of information about yourself and presented it in an interesting and creative way. Great job!

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