1. Hi Staci! I enjoyed looking at your type illustrations! I like the layout of each page, it makes it look cohesive. My favorite animal is the octopus. I love how fun and abstract it looks. You picked a great typeface for it, the curvy and bubbly letters look great. I also think you did a good job using minimal letters. In order to improve your illustrations, I think that you could make minor changes. I think you could work on the turtle and try using less letters. The idea and shapes are there, you just have to simplify! Overall, your type illustrations are awesome and I could tell you worked hard on them. Good job!

  2. Hi! I really love your illustrations and the wide variety of typefaces you chose! I think that variety really helped bring your illustrations to life without filling them in. I especially enjoyed your jellyfish and octopus. I think the script typeface highlighted the beauty and delicate nature of the animal and the decorative typeface in the octopus made the illustration fun and approachable. I think one improvement you could make is by experimenting with the typeface used in your turtle illustration. Maybe consider using a typeface which you could stray away from using the letters to make closed shapes and instead try to use letters which create forms. This may make the illustration more simple. Overall I really enjoyed your illustrations, I think they’re clever and fun! Good job!!

  3. Hey Staci! I really love the way your illustrations all come together in a cohesive manner. The blue background compliments each of the three designs really well, and together the animals really do make up a great collection. I must say I am very impressed with the jellyfish, I think the colors are fantastic and the typeface that you selected was spot on. I recall Prof. Strong suggesting that you extend the tentacle strand that is in the center of the jellyfish further down — I would agree with that, maybe even make it so it drags to one side to break the symmetry a little bit. In addition, I love the other two illustrations. I think the turtle could definitely be improved upon, but in general they all really portray the animal that you selected well.

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